1. Those Perfect Holiday Gifts Await!

    At Free Reign in Conshohocken, there’s nothing we love more than seeing the look on a person’s face when discovering something that will be perfect for his or her home, whether it’s a serving platter or an olive oil bottle. However, a close second to that is seeing a customer find a perfect gi…Read More

  2. Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe

    Even though the term has been around since the 1970s, you may have never heard of a “capsule wardrobe.” While that is perfectly okay, the staff at Free Reign would love to help you create one. Basically, a capsule wardrobe includes pieces of apparel that never truly go out of style, and that you…Read More

  3. Find New Servingware and Decor For Your Fall Gatherings

    Fall is now here and you’re most likely looking forward to having friends and family over for the upcoming holidays, or just for an impromptu gathering every now and again. Perhaps you’re the host or hostess of your group of friends, and you have a weekly dinner or game night at your house. What…Read More

  4. Preparing for Your New Baby

    If you’re expecting a new baby in the next few months, first let us say, “Congratulations!” At Free Reign, we love meeting customers who are looking for those perfect gifts for their soon-to-be newborn, and helping them discover options they may not have thought of yet. Our boutique has a fant…Read More

  5. Supporting Your Local Community

    Online commerce has changed how people shop, and it’s now easier than ever to find something on the Internet, put in your debit or credit card number, and have it shipped right to your door. While the convenience of this method can’t be overstated, there’s something to be said about the famili…Read More

  6. Picking Out an Anniversary Gift

    It can sometimes be challenging to pick out a gift for someone, but the challenge can be even more difficult if it’s for someone very special, such as a spouse or long-time partner. If you have an anniversary coming up and you want to find that perfect gift, Free Reign in Conshohocken is here to h…Read More

  7. Host Your Next Event at Free Reign!

    If you run a local charity or nonprofit, then you’re probably always looking for venues where you can host special events. Fundraising is an important part of your organization’s efforts, and while you may have a small storefront or office, you need a spot where you can host a number of people a…Read More

  8. Gourmet Foods for Your Next Event

    It’s always fun to host people at your home, and if you enjoy organizing gatherings for friends and family, then you want to have the best food and beverage selection for every soiree. You may run to the grocery store or local deli before the party, but if you want something a bit more gourmet, Fr…Read More

  9. Updating Your Wardrobe

    Summer is nearly here and that means more time spent outside, whether it’s shopping at your local farmer’s market, getting together with friends for dinner on the patio, or taking a family vacation to the beach. As a woman, you want to have the right outfit for every occasion, and if you’re go…Read More