Fall is now here and you’re most likely looking forward to having friends and family over for the upcoming holidays, or just for an impromptu gathering every now and again. Perhaps you’re the host or hostess of your group of friends, and you have a weekly dinner or game night at your house. Whatever the case may be, you want to offer your guests the best in food, drink, and atmosphere. At Free Reign in Conshohocken, we have a fantastic selection of home goods, including flatware, servingware, and much more that can make your fall gatherings something to remember.

Tea and Coffee

If you’re having family come for the weekend, you want to have tea and coffee ready for them on Saturday morning. Fall is the perfect time for a warm cup of cider as well, and you’ll want to be sure you have the perfect mugs, serving trays, and accessories for your guests. Perhaps you’re looking for new teaspoons, infusers, or a sugar bowl for your kitchen counter, and you can find great options in our boutique.

Wine and Cheese

If you’re autumnal parties tend to take place in evening, it’s important to offer appetizers and drinks. While you may know exactly which wine and cheese you want to serve, the devil is in the details when it comes to presentation. A beautiful platter can hold the Brie, Gorgonzola, and any other cheeses your prefer, along with a new cheese knife for easy serving, and you’ll want to be sure you have the proper wine glasses for your red and white options. Small serving bowls are ideal for olives, nuts, and other small snacks that people can pair with their wine and cheese.

Fall Decor

Once you’ve decided on what cutlery and flatware you need for fall, you may begin thinking about the accompanying decor in your dining room or kitchen. Calm earth tones present more of a “fall feel,” and swapping out your bright summer decor can make your house feel more inviting during this time of year. We’re always adding new options to our showroom that will look great in your home, and our staff will gladly help should you have questions about a certain product.

Creating an Atmosphere

Regardless of the home goods and decor that you choose for your home, your overall goal is to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. The temperature outside is beginning to dip, and people will soon be spending more time indoors, enjoying hours of fun with family and friends. If your house is the one in which they’re gathering, you want them to feel at home, and every detail plays a part in that comfort. The tablecloth, the plates, and everything in between contributes to the atmosphere of a home that welcomes everyone in and provides them with the utmost hospitality.

If you’re shopping for home goods, or you want to find that perfect gift for someone else, come to Free Reign today. Our boutique is stocked with exceptional products, and we’re always adding new options to our inventory. We have items from outstanding brands and manufacturers, and we know you’ll find something you love.

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