It’s always fun to host people at your home, and if you enjoy organizing gatherings for friends and family, then you want to have the best food and beverage selection for every soiree. You may run to the grocery store or local deli before the party, but if you want something a bit more gourmet, Free Reign is here to help. With our selection of foods such as pasta, jams, and more, you can create amazing dishes for the evening!

Classic Cookbooks

You may be able to find all the gourmet ingredients you need, but do you have the right recipes for your event? Cooking can take a lot of time and energy, and if you don’t have a clear recipe to follow, you could be scrambling around the kitchen trying to come up with a cohesive meal. Our boutique has a number of cookbooks in stock, and you can find options for every course and every dietary need. You’ll be able to prepare your appetizers, your main courses, and your desserts all from one book.

Unexpected Guests

There may be times when friends or neighbors drop by unannounced, and being the good host or hostess you are, you want to be able to offer them something to eat. Breaking out a bag of chips isn’t always ideal, but if you stock your pantry with gourmet items, you can offer them delicious options without going through too much work. Tortilla chips with a homemade salsa from our store can be the perfect impromptu snack, and your friends’ unexpected visits may become a bit more predictable once they learn you have delicious goodies on standby.

Updating Your Kitchen

You might be in the process of updating your kitchen so that you can host more parties, and if you’re changing out the appliances, the decor, and the lighting, why not add the finishing touches with new infused olive oils in decorative bottles? The colors and textures of a vase or a canister can add the perfect accent to your new kitchen, and when people sit down at the island for appetizers, they’ll feel like they’re being treated to something special. The thought you put into your kitchen decor and what you serve can go a long way in your guests’ enjoyment of your home.

If you’re looking for new gourmet items for your home, visit our boutique today. We’re located at 317 Ridge Pike in Conshohocken (inside Kay Lighting). We look forward to meeting you!